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Team Of Bloggers to maximize YouTubers Earnings

We are a team of professional bloggers. We have seen some Youtube channel which is very impressive and getting progress day by day. But the earnings are very less than their efforts.
To multiply your earnings. The work will be in the following way.

1- You will do is just make videos on our topics and nothing else.
2- You will put the website link that we will make for you, on your channel name, in the description, to get traffic.

We will divide revenue 50/50 comes from that website.

Mohsin khan is the Cofounder & CEO of Cashgiga.com. Mohsin khan also known as Mohsin. He is often invited as a speaker to share his views by reputed organizations, leading institutions & academia in Pakistan and overseas.


Mohsin Khan

(Founder & CEO Cashgiga.com)


Meet Our Awesome Team

Rana Shehzad is the co-founder of Cashgiga.com. He is a professional YouTube hustler.

Rana Shehzad


Ahmad Bashir is Head Manager at Cashgiga.com. A professional and experienced gem in the team.

Ahmad Bashir

Co-Founder & Head Manager

Zabi Ul Hassan is the Founder & CEO of HireLoyal.com, Cashgiga.com, and BestSMMPanel.co

Zabi Ul Hassan


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