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Book 100% Free 30-Minute Strategy Session + Detailed Audit Of Your Clinic’s Digital Activities (Value $997)

Have our experienced digital media strategist with 800+ successful projects, to analyze your social media accounts and paid media operations. He’ll then provide you an exact roadmap to build your brand and ads strategies that will get you more business. Guaranteed!
Here’s What You Will Get at Your 100% Free Consultation.
  1. Know about 3 mistakes that will dead your social-media and you would never grow. Mostly marketing agencies do it with your accounts.
  2. A 360 degree analysis of your all social media accounts and ads accounts where we will identify why your social media accounts are not growing and ads not working plus we will show you how you can transform in less than 30 days.
  3. How to grow your audience without spending a dime with 99% chances of them converting into customers.
  4. How to create brand kit including choosing meaningful color palette, font selection and use it for unlimited designs with one click.
  5. How to keep your audience engaged with your content and build trust. Plus never ending content secret formula that works for every niche and industry.
  6. How to be consistent, speed up content creation and plan your calendar plus custom template you can edit and use for yourself.
  7. Personal Viral content Strategies and secret hashtag strategies we use for the brands we manage.

Warning for Small Businesses!

Think of your social media like a fruit tree. If you water and care for it, it becomes a self-running sales machine for your business. But neglecting it from the start is like letting a seed never grow into a fruitful tree.


May be you are uploading boring post sometime, may be you are posting regularly but people are not giving a f..k and disappointed you leave posting. And you are stuck at 10 followers and engagements where you were at day first. If it is, read next section.


Building a brand is a blend of creativity, strategy, and dedication. When it comes to creativity and dedication, agencies and individuals ignore it and simple copy paste. To standout in crowd, you need creativity injection and someone that dedicate pure time towards your brand. Here we come and manage only 20 brands at one time just because we can give maximum to the clients.


I’m Zabi, a Full Stack Social Media Marketing Strategist and manager with 4 years of expertise, 827 projects, and a top-rated plus status with fotune  39% repeated buyers. I deliver fresh and captivating ideas that set your brand apart from the competition and convert your cold audience into customers.


Offering “New Startups 30-Day Brand Formation Challenge” at a meal price
  1. Brand Kit Creation (Value $197)
  2. Accounts Optimization (Value $229)
  3. Pixels Integration (Value $247)
  4. Creative Ideas i.e. Fear, Humor, and Logic (Value $397)
  5. Branded Posts/Reel creation (Value $497)
  6. Perfection (Tags, Title, Description, etc.) (Value $197)
  7. Posting & scheduling for optimized time (Value $147)
  8. Competitive research (Value $349)
  9. Reach out to Competitor’s audience (Value $347)
  10. Community & Reputation Management (Value $249)
  11. Analytics and Reporting (Value $127)

    Total value: $2983

    Today just $197/month

Warning! As we told earlier we only manage 20 brands at one time so we can’t guarantee we can onboard you. But we guarantee once we collaborate we will make you brand if we can’t we wouldn’t charge a single dime from you. Try your luck below👇

Please note Only September 20 Clients will be served with this $197 offer, price will be normal again and next clients have to pay full service fee of $2900/month.