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CashGiga Will Build AI Customer Support ChatBot for $197 (Regularly $1175) if you Agreed to Give Detailed Feedback for the Next 90 Days. With Bonus Integration for Lead Capture and Unanswered questions.


Customer Support ChatBot

The Most Advanced conversational Al, Handle the entire shopping process, from answering product-related questions to easing checkout, all within the converse interface.

Lead Generation ChatBot

Capture potential leads by engaging in insightful conversations, gathering key information, and guiding them towards valuable opportunities, seamlessly within the chat interface.

Onboarding SaaS ChatBot

Facilitate a smooth user journey as they explore your services, providing step-by-step guidance, personalized assistance, and relevant information, all within one interface.

Brand Audit and Consultation

Uncover valuable insights and enhance your brand’s performance with comprehensive digital operations audits and consultation tailored to your business needs.

Ad Campaign Audit and Consultation

Maximize the impact of your advertising efforts with a thorough ad campaign audit, identifying areas for improvement and optimizing your strategy for better results.

Social Media Management

Effortlessly connect with your audience, build a strong online presence, and effectively manage your social media platforms with our expert social media management services.

Social Media Marketing

Drive brand awareness, reach your target audience, and achieve remarkable results with our strategic and results-driven social media marketing solutions.

PPC Advertising

Unlock immediate visibility, drive targeted traffic, and maximize conversions with our powerful PPC advertising campaigns tailored to your business objectives

Web Development & Design

Transform your vision into a stunning and user-friendly website and design and create a seamless online experience for your visitors.

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