Artificial Intelligence and Business:

“The only business that will fail in the future are the ones that don’t adapt to AI.” Kai-Fu Lee, former president of Google China said.

In the digital landscape, customers have too many options but you don’t. You paid them to get on your website and I know it feels bad when if he/she turns back without paying.

You retarget, you reinvest and they again leave without buying.

Philosophy Behind Buying Online:

There could be multiple reasons but let’s see what the research saying:

According to a survey by Zendesk, 82% of customers reported that they stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer service.

And “Businesses that respond to customer service requests within 15 minutes have a 75% higher likelihood of retaining customers.” (Sprout Social)

If you are reading this you must own a business, if you do, you must own a website.
What hosting do you use?
While buying hosting, hosting quality plus customer support wasn’t your priority?

Ok, if today you decide to buy a service or any product, what would you prefer between Product Plus good customer support and Product Plus no or bad customer support? Get in the shoes of your customers to understand the situation.

Customer Expectations in the Digital Era:

In a world where competition is fierce and customer choices are abundant, businesses cannot afford to underestimate the value of timely assistance.

When customers encounter difficulties or have inquiries, they expect instant support. Failure to meet these expectations can lead to frustration, dissatisfaction, and ultimately, loss of business. Eventually, your visitor is now your competitor’s buyer.

Timely assistance is a powerful tool for building trust and loyalty. When customers experience efficient support, they are more likely to view the brand positively and become repeat buyers. Moreover, satisfied customers are more inclined to refer friends and family, expanding the business’s reach.

AI Approach To Solve:

In this AI era, when almost every solution is introduced based on AI, Multi-tasking Chatbots are one of the best products. Your Custom Trained AI ChatBot will be part of your team.

That reply to customers on your behalf, analyze data and incoming questions to provide the best possible answer. spy on your customer’s questions, and collect their name, email, save them at Target so that you don’t need to retarget and reinvest for the same audience.

One of the best options is BotPress ChatBot builder. They have a free plan in which 1000 questions can be asked for unlimited answers. To get this follow these methods

You have two options:

Or We will build it for you for $197 (Regularly $1175) if you agree to give detailed feedback to us for 90 days.
This chatbot that can

  • 1. Process unlimited FAQs
  • 2. Resolve issues and answer complex questions by analyzing your data
  • 3. Analyze data for product/service recommendations
  • 4. Reply in the customer’s language
  • 5. Capture leads to Google Sheets
  • 6. Capture unanswered questions to Google Sheets
  • 7. Be available to assist 24/7


Timely customer assistance is essential because it influences customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall business reputation. Delayed customer support can lead to customer frustration, decreased trust, and loss of business as a result people buy from your competitors.

To solve we need AI Technology, such as chatbots and automation, which can provide quick solutions to common queries, reducing response times and eventually increasing sales.